A Friend.

There was a childhood friend I once knew,
Who lived across, a neighbour too
I spent much joy and time with him
But time pasts fast, like superglue.

I recall the smell of pine and mint in the air
While we lay watching a cartoon
Of a sponge and starfish lost in the blue
The taste of ice cream oreos still reminiscent and true.

A bittersweet memory of more than six years
We parted, he left, I stood.
Pain I had never felt filled me brimming
Pain I still didn’t understood.

A friend, a partner, a close associate
I really couldn’t believe it was fate.
I found him again on the internet
On a platform with a blue slate.

He had transformed into a beautiful bird in a land full of sheep
While I, a sorrowful greying owl amidst towering concrete
Bitter of memories and loss of comfort
While he basked in a complementing sheet

I remain, a bulging stump
He became the object of my awe
A friend I made years six ago
In front as though perfect from flaw

Words left of how I yearned to meet him again
A person I so much missed
He replied with a soft undertone of a pop
Erm…hey, sorry, I need to log off.

I still yearn to express to him
Of a friend, a neighbour’s longing
Maybe a postcard, a letter or a meeting
A friend I hope, not yet lost.


About haziqfoxayy

Full time student. Part time wandering fox and storyteller.
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