The Garden. No. The Garden. It was as it said. Elegant, beautiful and mesmerising. Keith remembered spending most of his school years here, watching the water over the bridge during lunch. Why, he still remembered the time when he fell in. Refreshing. It was refreshing, the cool rippling water wetting him behind the ears and sending him cool shocks. His professor had pushed him in, the one who had doted on him most, much like his lover and friend. Keith decided to walk there, to reminisce on his past experiences.

Ah, how they’ve changed so much these few years. He could still smell the roses as they bloomed and how they greeted his arrival with its scent. The bridge was still there, serving its duty loyally. Keith strolled through the lush greenery which surrounded it. Noticing a male adolescent on the bridge, he realised that it was the new student, Kinkade. Well, he decided to push him over, like what his professor did. He knew it was a rash and cheeky decision, but the guy seemed to dwell on the very same thought that he had back when he was young.

He crept silently towards the boy, his eyes maintaining sphinx-like. This was going to be fun.


About haziqfoxayy

Full time student. Part time wandering fox and storyteller.
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