Late Night Prompts

“But, you can’t do this! I love you! I did a lot for you!”
“No. You did a lot. For yourself.”

I knew it. She had always been that way. Always willing to do anything to get her way. Her fiery green eyes teared as I shot her a sly smile, fervently wishing that she would just leave me alone. Why? Why must I listen to her? She’s the reason for all the mess I’m in and all the beatings I’ve taken. Yet, I still smile.

The greenery rushed past as though late for a meeting. Cool air kissed my cheeks as I eyed the menu, pondering on the choices I could possibly pick. The attendant squirmed, unhappy that he had to serve such an indecisive person. Of course, he smiled. But it was an insincere one, devoid of true meaning.

“Can I have the tuna sandwich please?”
Here he was, finally where he wanted to be for so long. The cool breeze swept his hair back as it caressed him. Deft fingers held closely onto the hat, making sure that it did not part from the loving crown of maroon hair. The sleek, unbuttoned black coat fluttered in the wind, giving him the impression of flying. The clacking of heels resounded against the deck, coming ever closer.

“Captain, the Faresian just sent a telegram.”


About haziqfoxayy

Full time student. Part time wandering fox and storyteller.
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