The Man He met in the park

Walking past the rusty, hinged entrance of the park, Keith immediately sensed that something was amiss. The usual evening twilight mist he enjoyed seemed to be accompanied with another scent, which was alluring and unique to him.

“Weird…something must be wrong…” Keith thought as he strolled along the dust covered path.

As he got closer and nearer to the source, the scent slowly became more overwhelming and it also became noticeably hard not to ignore the smell. He immediately picked up his pace, the cold night wind sweeping past his sleek black trench coat as he did so. The trees seemed to jump away in fear as he glided along the deserted path.

“Hang on…what’s this?” Keith said to himself suddenly as he spotted a trail of black inky blood lining the path.

He silently stooped down, smelling the weird trail and found the same alluring scent matching the one in drifting in the mist. “I’m on the right track….” he said silently as he ran to follow the trail of the dark liquid.

As Keith ran down the path, he checked his coat pockets for some bandages and being the eccentric that he was, checked his top hat for the same item as well. After pulling out a roll of bandages and some painkillers seemingly out from nowhere, he quickly sprinted down to the source of the overwhelming smell.

When he finally reached the source, he saw a bleeding young man, lying on a wet grass patch and clutching his arms. The trail of liquid stopped right before him. The man, was bleeding profusely, black inky blood oozing out of his very body. Somehow, Keith didn’t seem to be thirsty at the time and therefore, he immediately went to bandage the man’s serious wounds.

The man’s paleness and shivers made Keith take off his trench coat and cover the man with it. He didn’t really need it as he barely noticed the cold temperature. Slowly, he tried to help the man to get back up to his feet. He made sure that only his gloves were touching him, as something told him that he was a sensitive man.

“Come. Try and stand up please. I want to help. Don’t worry, I won’t bite,” Keith said as he reassured the man again and again. He held the man up by his black gloves and tried to prevent him from falling down.

Letting the man lean against him, he slowly said, “You can call me Keith. You’ve probably seen me around before. Don’t worry, you can tell me your name whenever you feel like it.”


About haziqfoxayy

Full time student. Part time wandering fox and storyteller.
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