The Man in the Forest

I’d like you to imagine a scene. There is a man. He is in the middle of a forest at night, all alone. It is raining heavily and the full moon is out. There is a strong wind. The man is kneeling over a body, his teeth and lips dripping blood. His lips is stuck in an eerie smile as his eyes peered elusive and hauntingly deep into yours. Over his body, you can see a sillhouette of a dark wolf.

That man salivates, his expression unwavering as he stands, his form lurched over. You feel a tugging feeling at your heart, telling you to run. But you can’t. Its too dark to see any route. He silently, paces himself forward, a sly fox examining his prey, his breath slow and invitingly seductive. You watched with bated breaths, unable to move in fear.

You feel your heart beat increasing faster that you feel faint. This is not happening, you think. But yet, the man inches further towards you. You try to look elsewhere, but fail. Your eyes remain captivated and entranced but those hauntingly deep red eyes. Am I going to die, you ask silently. As you pondered, you feel as though your heart had stopped. Your body raises itself to attention as goosebumps made their presence known to you. You smell a strong, amourous scent, of cologne, sweat and blood that strangely entices your senses to no end. As you bask in the fragrance, your eyes stall as they meet the piercing red pupils of the man.

He sniffs your neck, making you stunned. Your eyes remain fixated on him, wandering around his body, clad in a disheveled suit. As you do so, you feel a tiny prick against your back as sweat began to break from your pores, which somehow pleases the man. He bares his teeth, revealing sharp pointed molar fangs. “Hello….” you hear a soft, alluring tone emanate from his lips.


About haziqfoxayy

Full time student. Part time wandering fox and storyteller.
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