My Fictional Characters

Hello, me again. I like reading books which have interesting characters. It’s quite unfortunate though, that the number of fictional characters I have far outweighs any number of writings I’ve ever made. In order to not let them feel left out, I’ll just introduce them in this blog as we go along. Characters have feelings too, you know. They live their own lives when I sleep. Sometimes, I’d like to think that I’ve met them somewhere, only that they don’t say hi to me for fer of being found out. Anyways, let’s start.

Aaron Fletcher
– A young, eccentric king of an affluent and picturesque kingdom. Think along the lines of a popular teenage kid. Then match it with a half-crazed nerd who’s constantly inventing stuff and dresses in a hipsterish fashion. Yes, that’s him.
Alexander Rayne
– A personal assistant, who is very shy and has a very innocent build. He wears dark glasses, is average looking and dons a suit every other day. He doubles as a slim bodyguard, attacking viciously when provoked nastily. He’s been known to be quite hard to wake up, and has a very intimidating look when he wakes up.
Felix Varrett
– An electric company worker, who has a penchant for flirting. He keeps a spanner in his back pocket always, for “self defence”. Has been known to score on guys and girls. A very successful charmer of elderly women.
Natalie Rose
– Cafe owner who keeps cats in the cellar. A cat lady who’s constantly finding her dream man. She’s slightly possessive and protective of her cafe.
Ambrose Darkhaven
– A funeral director who is young and very innocent. His dress sense is outdated, preferring to only wear his uniform. Has since started trying out new clothes after meeting his soulmate.
Charles Foxshire
– A schoolteacher who is stern but loving towards his students. Spends his free time roaming the city library and coffeeshops. He dresses averagely, often matching a vest with a t-shirt and sunglasses with leather gloves.
These are the people lingering in my head for months, doing nothing but screening my life onto a blank sheet of canvas. Ah well. I really should start putting them into writing. Then they wouldn’t be making me go insane.
Needlessly Creating,

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Full time student. Part time wandering fox and storyteller.
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