Random thoughts

I’m actually spamming air freshener in my room. Yes, I live in a cave.
You’re the only one sane enough to talk to me now. Would you like some cake?

What separates a feeling of admiration from crush, love and like?
Is it the fluttering of the heart, the flickering of the eyes or a silent whisper of the lips?

What defines love?
What does blood and honey taste like?

There’s something about the word “clique” that really irks me.

Welcome to National Service, where its men are conscripted from birth, its duty now hip with Ipads and state-of-the-art equipment.

Welcome to International Business, the course with the chance of realising the golden dream of traveling the world! Not only that, IB also provides a platform for networking and business relations! So why wait and miss your chance? Join us today!

Occasional fan? I have fans at home. Lots of them?

But you are cool! Cool as a chilling cucumber in the Chilean sun!
I have an arsenal of dashingly handsome characters. Would you like to meet them sometime? 

I’ve started dreaming already. I think I consider myself as a visionary, but I don’t have means to make it a reality.I don’t read fanfics. I never satisfy the mainstream populace.
Yes. I am finally revealing my inner thoughts to you.


About haziqfoxayy

Full time student. Part time wandering fox and storyteller.
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