Thought dump

My eyes. They burn in unsightly ways, relishing the moment of lustful desire dissipate in front of them. They glance past disturbing texts of great mass, crouching under the pressure of the long night.

A.K.A. I’ve been up too long.

Okay. So its 3.08 am and I am still scrolling through tumblr and wasting away on my bed. As most of you are doing. Maybe. I don’t know. Whatever it is, time for another thought dump.


Well, what makes you think any of them like me too? I think and act differently from the rest but I’m still doing it my way.

I like solitude sometimes, so there. Your way reflects who you are. Generally, I can’t really say since I don’t interact daily with you.

And to be honest, I hate snobbish, elite pricks like them. So mutual hatred is present, and I’m okay with that.

Ignorance is bliss. Sometimes you have to ignore certain people to have peace, no matter how hard you wish to talk to them or smack them one.

Which is why I am constantly away from annoying chats most of the time. I like to give a lending ear to everyone.

Well, the trick is to never fully hold onto your friends. Just treat others kindly and they will do the same to you, which is probably why you see me talking to everyone and rarely in any cliques.

I live life alone, its much more fun.

Don’t hate your enemies too much. They exist to make us become better and much more awesome people. Get over the hatred and look for the silver lining. Use that silver lining to smack them one later.


About haziqfoxayy

Full time student. Part time wandering fox and storyteller.
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