Why I chose Mass Communications.

Let’s start by telling you what I’ve been caught up with since primary school.

The Primary Years

While in my pre-adolescent years, I was actively involved in the InfoComm technology club in school. Pretty much covered the basics of simple video editing, filming amongst the many (stupid) adventures I had. I was given an opportunity to learn the ropes of scriptwriting by a DJ from 987FM named Jean Danker (she worked there then) and some flimsy Photoshop CS3 skills, besides powerpoint and word.

Of course, I had a penchant for reading and listening to radio programs, basically growing up with technology (like the rest). I often marvelled how the newspapers (just the cartooney bits) and broadcasts and tv shows were made to inform and entertain too. To sum it up, I spent my primary years cooped up in libraries and with my ears glued to Avril Lavigne’s hits and Green Day punches.

Secondary Life

Yeah yeah. You’re probably going to listen to some fart whining about getting backstabbed or caught in the whirlwind of school pop politics and some phoney story like that. Quite right, although not really what you think. I involved myself in the school’s student council, pretty much signed up for the Editorial club. As a press member, I got to sharpen my interviewing, how I perceived people’s answers and actions (still bad at it), how to draft an article, rush before a deadline, put together a newsletter and look out for sources. My stint in Editorial wasn’t long, though. After two years, we had to quit due to the club being defunct as a result of not meeting some expectations. Not that I didn’t mind.

I immediately jumped to the next choice, MediaWorks, an IT club focused on video production and photography. Albeit it being just one short measly year, I did manage to brush up on storyboarding, video processing and location filming. Besides that, throughout the first two years of secondary school, I had been furnished with the ability to peel away the hidden meanings behind advertising through text, size, color and sound, something which although learnt, still boggles me till today.


Well, getting called up for my DPA interview at FMS is no mean feat. I consider it as a milestone for me, really. I mean, I’ve never really found myself to be worthy of anything much, being from a humble background and monotonous life. And the first question posed for was me to tell them a bit more about myself, which I just told you above. Next question, why Mass Communications?

I’ll tell you why.

My hands have tried scribbling down quotes of men and women commenting on their day. They have tried cherishing a camera’s body as it sweeps the panoramic view of two individuals meeting at a scenic reservoir. But it has never held a mic to the lips which announces the next hit single playing over the airwaves of the shopping mall. It has never clicked the shutter on a precious moment shared by a mother and her son.

In short, I want to be confident. I wish to feel optimistic. To get behind the ropes of photography and radio production. To speak to the crowd without feeling the fear the Cowardly Lion once had. And of course. I wish to be able to make new friends.

Three years to go. And more to come. I hope this goes well.

– The Fox.



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