Comfort zones is so passe.


It goes without saying that we will normally find anxiety or fear when trying out something new or uncertain. The unusual feeling of trepidation that sets in just as you are about to embark on the first step. It is normal and you often experience it, albeit at different stages of your life. Regardless of occasion or event, everyone has and will go through it countless of times. What truly matters is that we see the silver lining.

What do you mean, I hear you say?

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and just go for it for once. For far too long, the modern man (and woman, I might add) has felt the need to be limited by his fears and feelings. How often does one ever hear the exploits of a certain person who has been to a safari and spend a night with the local people? Or a female photographer who had once been stranded in a remote village somewhere in Kathmandu during a trip to capture a shot of an elusive mountain lion? Perhaps something much more simple yet mind boggling is how the common individual finds comfort in lounging in their beds throughout the day surfing the social media, their only exercise possibly being the flicking of their fingers on keyboards or the clicking of their tongues as they hiss or cringe spitefully at how the current generation has degraded to such an extent.

The inferiority complex. The fear of the unknown. Such are the factors that inhibits our choice to open up and grab the moment while it lasts. Yes, everyone is guilty of it at one point of time. However, many still decided to accept its bleak reality and remain in the relaxed state of lullness.

Why is it that many teenagers complain of being bored and “dead” when all they have done is just sit and laze around? Get up, go out and explore. Interact with the world outside. Capture your meaningful moments. Snap a picture or two. MAKE FRIENDS, not just internet friends. Don’t be afraid to exit the safety net once in a while. Sometimes, its the only thing you need to do to get yourself in for a fun time.

Take the time to enjoy the scenery as you stroll into your campus or to your local coffeeshop/restaurant. Open up your ears to the chirping of mynah birds singing their mirthful morning ditty. You might not notice it at first, but the surreality of such an experience is what makes mornings bearable. Such loss for the one who finds splendour in locking themselves in while fresh scenes bloom outside.

Try out for that activity you wished so much to join. Nevermind if you didn’t get in. At least you won’t live to regret not doing so later on.

In conclusion,. nothing is ever going to work out if you aren’t going to lift that finger or hand and step forward to the game. As cliched as it may sound, Mr. Fox’s quote from the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox, directed by Wes Anderson, sums it up perfectly – “I try.”

With that, I leave you to embark on your exciting journey.

– The Fox.


About haziqfoxayy

Full time student. Part time wandering fox and storyteller.
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