5 ways to stay cool when you’re out in the heat (aka Why didn’t I think about it?)

Everyone has experienced the sweaty and unbearably sunny days of the hot season. You know it, the sticky and cringeworthy feeling after a whole day of being beaten mercilessly by the unyielding perspiration which threaten to bathe you if not make you uncomfortable. You know you have to go through the pain anyway or risk wasting your holidays away stuck in the stuffy confines of home. Especially when there’s tons of great selfies/pictures waiting to captured or time to be spent with friends!

Which is why I hereby present to you the following 5 ways to stay cool. Hopefully, you’ll stand a chance against Uncle Heat and not look like a melting ice cube. Unless you have blessed skin like greek god/goddesses. Then ignore this. Go flaunt your beauty.


“This, but with less enthuasism.”

1. Wear loose-fitting and light-colored clothing

The weather is hot and humid. It is literally an oven. But no, we shall wear dark and tight clothing that makes us look like a stuffed bear gone wrong. Tight and dark clothes trap heat. Heat = You feeling warm. So it’s best to cover yourself up with loose and light clothing which reflects heat. Besides, not everyone wants to see a family pack ab or those pit stains.

Remember. Tight & Dark = Warm. Loose & Light = Cool.

2. Get a hat

No, really. Invest in one. Its doesn’t have to be some expensive fedora or trilby by Gucci or Louis Vuitton. A normal cap would do. With all the humidity and dry heat blasting into your face, you might want to protect your hair from catching fire and boiling your brains out. In all honesty, however, it does keep your head cool (literally) even if its slight. So hats on and strut that picturesque walk down Tiong Bahru, you cafe hopping enthusiast!


3. Sunglasses add pazzaz to your day

Even if it doesn’t, it does add a million cool points to you, along with that air of mystery. Besides, with all the glare from the sunlight, the pair of sunglasses would surely protect the nice eyes from hurting. Strained eyes = Not good day. So remember kids, glasses make you awesome.


4. Handkerchief/Face towel

It may be passe or underrated, but really. Walking around in the streets with sweat running down ourselves like rain is definitely going to put off many people. A piece of cloth or handkerchief would totes work wonders. Just wipe the grime off and people would be none the wiser. Just remember  to not smell.

Maybe a dash of perfumery or deodorant, eh?


5. Hydrate adequately

You’re out all day under the sun. Even if you’re just lounging at the beach cafe, its best to keep the water levels in your body on optimum level. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. We don’t want anyone to faint and miss out on the fun, do we? Enough water means more time to enjoy, so take care of yourself.


ImageBONUS:  A personal hand fan

It might be weird or mediocre, but the effect leaves much to be commented on. You’d have thought that with all these years, the ancestors would’ve done something to beat the heat. Yes, they created the personal fan. Don’t you fret on how carrying it is a major faux pas. Flip out the majestically printed personal fans and cool yourself down while you leave your haters bathing in their sweat. That’ll show them. Besides, its make you look all the more in tune with the hot season. The Hot Exotic Prince/Princess, if I may.




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