A list of things about me.

Well, here is a list of points about me. The fate of the world rests in this knowledge that I’m passing on. [Not really, unless you want an awkward moment if you were to meet me. Which I am perfectly okay with.] Anyways, here it goes!

1. I like mint. Peppermint, spearmint, you get the picture.

2. Touching stories make me cry.

3. I recently took up photography. Yes, I’m an amateur.

4. I have a off-normal fashion sense. As in, I’m backdated or look like a mother’s boy.

5. Travelling is one of my future plans. Note the keyword – future. Like when I have money.

6. Good cinematography and colour play is what will attract me to watch a video.

7. Good food and dessert is the key to my heart. I lurrrve cake.

8. I don’t do sports.

9. I have just recently discovered the pleasures of torrenting.

10. I have been confused as my mother’s husband/brother once.

11. I look too old for my age.

12. My hair is like raccoon fur.

13. I like vintage/neo-victorian stuff.

14. I am very calm. Very Very calm. Too calm to feel anything. It’s like being stoned all day.

15. Tea is my sweet escape. Probably the reason for number 14.

16. I tend to think and observe people a lot. Not creepy, just unusual.

17. I’ve eaten alone on numerous occasions. I’m proud of this accomplishment.

18. I’ve never skated before in my whole life until a few weeks ago.

19. Minimalism and simplicity coupled with style and function is what I strive for.

20. I am alone most of the time. And it’s okay. In fact, I’m beginning to enjoy it.


There you have it. A list of things that make me unique.

– The Fox.



About haziqfoxayy

Full time student. Part time wandering fox and storyteller.
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