I am broken.

The winds slap me while I stand at a crossroads,

My mind unraveling its inner, sinister thoughts,

Its function to tear the figure I desperately held onto but with cold, vicious spite.


I am alone in this weary and taxing quest.

A search to find a true individual lost at sea.

Someone who stands with faith and not worldly desires

Some who I truly call – Me.


Its never easy, this journey of life

For the road itself is riddled with strife

At times you pass a field of happiness

Otherwise its just a meadow of gloom and sadness.


Death of the heart is very much common

In emotional terms, its pretty haunting

But death of a spiritual heart is strangely uncommon

And in effect, much worse and disturbing.


Its not what I want that matters anymore

But more of who I need

This ailing predicament of morals and values

Seeks one with guidance for him to heed.


(4th August, 2014)

– Fox.


About haziqfoxayy

Full time student. Part time wandering fox and storyteller.
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